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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Training Hard, Part 1:

Jace Chambers and Dominic Pacifico are in the Gym Workout Area with a Punching Bag hanging from the ceiling. They are a couple and Dominic is telling Jace that he better behave himself with the client he has coming in because he knows that the guy is exactly the type that Jace goes for. Dominic leaves and as Jace is cleaning up and getting ready for his client Bryan Cole walks in. Jace helps him put on his boxing gloves and then Bryan begins hitting the bag. He is not hitting very hard and Jace encourages him to hit it harder. While Bryan is hitting the bag we can see a visible penis bouncing around in Jace's shorts every time Bryan hits the bag. Bryan notices the big package and stops hitting the bag. Once Jace realizes that Bryan is staring at his cock, he makes his move and soon Bryan is on his knees sucking Jace's huge cock and choking on it. Jace then pulls down Bryan's pants and rims his ass against the punching bag before inserting his big cock deep in Bryan's ass. He then moves Bryan over to the bench and continues to fuck him until both shoot their thick creamy loads. Jace tells Bryan that he cannot tell his Boyfriend about what they just did ...

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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Paul At The Army Recruitment Office

There's been a lot of talk about this recruitment office. Rumor has it, let the officers have their way with you and you’ll receive favorable treatment.

Getting placed in the right regiment means faster advancement through the ranks and new boy Paul is ambitious about becoming a lieutenant quickly. So, Paul concocts a story about fear of doctors and encourages his future superiors to examine his taut hard-muscled body.

Needless to say, the two officers get totally carried away groping and sniffing every nook and cranny of Paul's body, relishing the heady masculine aroma of this potential new recruit’s genitals and asshole:

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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Str8 Hunk John Overwhelmed by Two Men in the Locker-Room:

At BREEDER-FUCKERS, they've been dreaming about handsome stallion John ever since they previously encountered him some time ago. In order to sneak up on this tough fucker they costumed up and accosted him in the gym locker room to nab the unsuspecting lad.

Once they have him, he knows what's coming and he's fucking terrified!

It's amazing how a man's nervous perspiration can make his ripe masculine scent fill a room in no time at all. they get close and intimate stripping this hunk down to his jock strap. He's given a severe lashing so he knows to follow their every command or else he'll be severely punished! That nicely framed arse is just begging to be plundered!

They take turns ramming their fingers up his tight anal passage and going down on his cock. John moans and cries beneath his gag. He's ordered to pleasure Adrian awkwardly using his tied hands to stroke his crotch and arouse him. Strung up from the ceiling with clamps and pegs covering his most sensitive parts, they have this sexy fucker exactly where they want him. His body belongs to them now!

... and they won't be letting him go anytime soon ... !

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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Muscle-Hunk Kasper, Brutally Tortured & Abused By Adrian!

Toned and muscular, Kasper has been bound and put on display. 

Those big powerful legs and arms are rendered useless as they are spread in the air. Adrian feels the circumference of his tight rubbery sphincter muscle and then slides his fingers up Kasper's arse. He finger-fucks him till his hole goes sloppy.

Pegs are attached to Kasper's balls to make them become extremely sensitive. Then they are tied up and attached to the leg-spreader so they are tight and plump. Kasper seizes up with fear as a cane is trailed around his body giving him lashings here and there, making red stripes on his perfect, muscular body. The sensitive soles of his feet are caned, causing him unimaginable agony.

With his arsehole nicely widened, a vibrator is then inserted up his bum and jammed in place so he has the sensation of being constantly fucked. That fleshy foreskin of Kasper's is too tempting not to be enjoyed! It's clipped and attached to his feet so his glans are fully exposed. This makes it all the more terrifying for this fucker when a burning candle is hovered over his body. Searing hot wax spills down onto his punished thighs, his big plump balls, and onto the sensitive flesh of his piss slit. The wax slowly cools to form a mold over his bulbous testicles and shrunken terrified cock.

Adrian kindly begins loosening his binds and takes the gag out. Rather than thank his superior, the tearful Kasper unleashes a torrent of nasty words. Boys with filthy mouths need to learn respect. So, a bar of soap is jammed in the fucker's gob as a final act of humiliation!

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